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Cheat Sheet


Grandstream IP Phones



1) Use the Speaker Button   to turn

speaker ON/OFF.

2) Use the Headset button to use

the headset once it had been connected.


1) Take Handset/Headset off-hook or press Speaker button or an available LINE key (activates speakerphone).

2) The line will have dial tone and the

corresponding line’s LED will turn green.

3) If you wish, select another LINE key

(alternative SIP account).

4) Enter the phone number.

5) Press the SEND button or press

the “DIAL” soft key.


1) Take the phone off-hook.

2) Press the SEND button or press

the “REDIAL” soft key.

Note: The phone will redial using the

same SIP account as was used for the last



Single Incoming Call:

1) Answer call by taking Handset/Headset

off hook or pressing SPEAKER or by

pressing the account LINE button.

Multiple Incoming Calls:

1) When there is a call waiting, users will

hear a Call Waiting tone.

2) The next available line will flash red.

3) Answer the incoming call by pressing its

corresponding LINE button.

4) The current call will be put on hold.

5) Toggle between the calls using the LINE



End a call by pressing the “EndCall” soft keyor hang up the phone.

CALL HOLD/RESUME– Only holds on your individual extension

1) Hold: Place a call on ‘hold’ by pressing

the hold button.

2) Resume: Resume call by pressing the

corresponding blinking LINE.

CALL PARK – Used to hold and pick up on another extension

1.) Establish a call, Hit the Transfer button. ; Select Call Park Key (P1, P2 etc.)

2) Retrieve a call from another extension: Hit same Park key (P1, P2 etc.) 


Assuming that you are in a call and wish to

transfer the call to another party.

Blind Transfer:

1) Press transfer button

2) Dial the number and press the send button

to complete transfer of active call.


Initiate a Conference Call:

Assuming that you are already in a conversation and wish to bring a third party together in a 3-way conference.

1) Press conference button to bringup conference dialing screen.

2) Dial the third party number followed by SEND key.

3) When the call is established to the third

party, press the “ConfCall” soft key to initiate 3-way conference.

Cancel a Conference Call:

1) Press “Cancel” soft key in conference

dialing screen to resume the two-way


End the Conference:

The conference will be terminated for all three parties if the conference initiator hangs up or presses “EndCall” soft key.


1.Press the Message Key and wait for prompts. If pin code is required enter pin code supplied by Anchor. If not, press option 0  or 5 (depending on system configuration) follow voice prompts to set-up. 

2. Follow Prompts to record voicemail and set up mailbox. 


A blinking red MWI (Message Waiting

Indicator) indicates a message is waiting.

1) Press the Message button to retrieve the message. An IVR will prompt the user through the process of message retrieval.

2) Press a specific LINE to retrieve messages for a specific line account.

Note: Each account requires a voicemail

portal number to be configured in the

“voicemail user id” field.


1) Press the MUTE button to mute/unmute the microphone.

2) The Mute icon indicates whether the microphone is muted.

3) Pressing this key with the idle will put the phone into DND mode 

(Do Not Disturb)